Only A Matter Of Crime Episode Two

Only A Matter Of Crime Episode Two

A Hannah Anderson Mystery

“Sooo...” Hannah looked at Joel quizically.

“What do you want? Ice cream, pizza? I am in a good mood, so get whatever you feel like... well except alcohol.”

“Goodness Joel, why would I want alcohol? I’m 18 and we are not in the UK. Not to mention, a good detective shouldn’t drink. It numbs their senses.” Hannah proclaimed.

Joel just smiled.

Hannah could not remember how many times he told her that same phrase. Once one of his witness was drunk when he witnessed a murder, making his testimony invalid and letting a murderer get away.

Joel had sworn never to drink after that.

“I want your know about your cases!” Hannah said.

“What do you mean? We just solved a case together!” Joel was still smiling.

“Well, yeah, but one of your big cases!” Hannah prodded.

“A bank robbery is a small case in your book? Oh boy, I fear I have hyped this field too much, my dear sister.” Joel joked.

“I’m serious though. Like the one your working on with the witness Vicki Aquino.” Hannah said. “You’ve been working on that one for five years now, so it must be big!”

The smiled faded from Joel’s face. “It’s not like I don’t want to include you, but it’s dangerous, especially that case. The people--“

Hannah interrupted him, “The Sliver Coin?”

“Don’t say that out loud, not with the window open.” Joel rolled up the windows.

“Look, even Vicki knows this case is dangerous.” He said. “She broke up with her boyfriend a couple of days ago just to keep him safe. It’s that kind of case.”

Suddenly, his cell phone rang and Hannah picked it off the dash. “It’s Vicki Aquino. Do you want to take it? I can drive.”

“No, I’ll just take it later. There are some things I wish you didn’t get involved with. This case being one of them.” Joel took a left.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.” Hannah looked out the window.

“It’s alright. I just want to keep you safe. This case is almost finished anyway.” Joel said.

“I think I’d better drop you off at your house. Vicki would only call if it was urgent. Is that okay?”

“Sure.” Hannah was disappointed, but she understood that as a detective, cases were always a high priority.

“You know what? Let’s meet for coffee after I finish work tonight. We can talk about some big cases and, heck, we could even talk about you getting a permanent role as my part-time partner!” Joel said.

“Really!? I’d love that!” Hannah gushed with excitement.

Joel parked the car in the driveway where Hannah lived. Before she opened the door, Joel stopped her. “Wait! I actually have a gift for you.”

“Really?!” Hannah was excited.

“Remember on your 18th birthday when you got a gun license and we spent the day at the shooting range? You always liked the retro revolvers the best.” He said, grabbing something out of his bag.

“It took a bit to find this, but consider this a late birthday or early Christmas present.” He handed her a classic 1930s revolver, restored and everything. “No good detective is complete without a good gun to protect themselves.”

Hannah held the gun in her hands. It was a beautiful revolver with a wooden handle.

“Oh Joel, I love it!” Hannah exclaimed. “Now I feel like a detective from an old noir film.”

“The old owner must have been named Betty.” Hannah remarked, referring to the name carved into the wood handle

“I’m glad you like it. It’s a powerful weapon, but powerful detectives needs such tools.” He smiled. “I hope with this gun, you learn to become a detective who always searches for the truth and never gives up.”

Hannah giggled. “Sorry, that was a good speech, but maybe a little cheesy.” She put the gift in her bag. “In all seriousness; don’t worry, I’ll become a detective that makes you proud and solves many, many cases with you!”

“I better get going, but remember; even if its unloaded, you should still be careful with it. Don’t just point it at anyone, even Frank!” He joked.

“Don’t worry, I’d never shoot him. Plus, I don’t plan on fighting with him today.” Hannah thanked him again, and they bid goodbye.

As she entered her house, she could not help but wonder what it was that was so dangerous about the case. Who is the Sliver Coin, anyway?

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