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I remember this day more vividly than yesterday, even though this all happened 4 years ago. It’s actually one of the reasons I wrote all this; to get it out of my head. Buckle your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen as this is just the ... Read more

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    Was my life meant to be a silent film?

    The vast emptiness bites at me again

    This Pacific Ocean is made of my tears

    Choking on my fears, alone without peers

    A day lite without saturation, mono in... Read more

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    I was just me, nothing more or less

    Each choice felt like a game of chess

    I kept falling down, I had no clue

    Stress was all I knew until I met you

    It was quick and I was dizzy from the bliss... Read more

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    I have big news! I am now doing freelance poetry! I will be writing custom poems to fit all of your poetic need! Read my poems here!

    I can take your idea and turn it into a well-written free hand, ode and ballad poem... Read more

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    You think you hurt me when you mock

    You should think twice before you talk

    Karma cause it always comes back in the end

    I won’t respond coldly, smiling with composure

    You can’t move me at all... Read more

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    This month has been a busy one for me but in a good way, having had just finished doing a 20 Day Raw Veggie Diet/Detox (my March goal), I had a vast improvement with my health and was given the freedom to do things that my... Read more

  • Live Now Poem
    Live Now Poem

    The sun lit to reveal a band new day

    Straight from the press

    The birds sing like they ought to

    The lighting was out of this would

    Only movies show such hopes

    While the day was young, I... Read more

  • Perfect Bouquet Poem
    Perfect Bouquet Poem

    You are mysterious like a morning glory

    You vanish into the night full of stars

    If you feel blue like the sky

    I'll brighten the mood like the sun

    You are determined and stubborn like a tree... Read more

  • My Shining Star Poem
    My Shining Star Poem

    My hand fits in yours like glove

    Your smile lights the sky

    Now we instead of just me

    I feel so refreshed with you

    Winter nights are too bright

    Lite by the... Read more

  •  Own Drum Poem
     Own Drum Poem

    Upon opening this door

    You will enter a jungle, like a game Jumanji

    Every choice and mistake added to the math

    A unsolved puzzle, a never ending riddle we call life

    Some run... Read more