Only A Matter Of Crime Episode Three

Only A Matter Of Crime Episode Three

A Hannah Anderson Mystery

She had heard him talk about the Silver Coin in passing while on the phone with Vicki. Hannah gathered that they were almost considered some sort of a myth to locals, but they were very much so real. They must be some sort of gang. After all, the name is a bit superficial.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a voice from beyond the entryway.

“Honey, you’re home! Dinner is hot! I made Chicken Cordon Bleu.” Her mother, Elizabeth called from the kitchen.

“Wow, that sounds terrific!” Hannah admitted.

“Late night for Joel?” Elizabeth asked.

“Yup. We plan to meet and have coffee later.”

“Why honey? You were just with him.”

“Oh, it’s detective stuff. You wouldn’t understand.” Hannah entered the kitchen.

“You do remember that I raised you? I had my fair share of detective work with you two.” Her mother teased.

Dinner tasted amazing, but not as amazing as the fact that she would be a part-time detective before she knew it. Hannah looked forward to when Joel would let her join him full-time.

Baby steps. She reminded herself.

While at the table, her mother spoke up, “I’ve been thinking. You graduated high school recently. What about going to law school?”

“Actually, I just got a job today.” Hannah finished the last of her meal.

“You got a job? Are you going to switch to full-time at Jennifer’s Cafe?” She asked, sounding a little skeptical.

“No. Remember when I said I was meeting Joel for coffee? Well, he said I can do detective work with him as his part-time partner! We just busted a bank robbers case today, and he gave me this beauty.” She showed off the gun. “Isn’t it amazing?”

Elizabeth sighed. “You know how I feel about that detective stuff. I just want you to get a real job and become a lawyer.”

“How is bringing criminals to justice not a real job? Besides, the life of a lawyer is a boring one. Being a detective sounds much more interesting and rewarding to me.” Hannah defended.

“Look at that gun. That’s what you need when you are a detective, but when you are a lawyer, all you need is a nice suit. It’s a stable job, it pays well and is much less dangerous.” Elizabeth listed off the drawbacks in Hannah’s mind, not the benefits.

Hannah wished she would just support her dream. First her mother wanted her to become a doctor, now a lawyer? Both jobs were not cut out for her. Was it a crime to pursue her dream?

“Thank you for the meal. It was really delicious.” Hannah changed the subject. “Is Frank home?”

“Yes, he is in the study. I’m glad you liked dinner, honey.” Elizabeth said. Hannah started to get up when her mother added, “Don’t forget to rinse your dishes.”

“Of course.” Hannah smiled politely and complied.

Hidden in the study, Frank was reading “Make It Work Life”, a life and business advice book. He didn’t seem to notice her presence, or at least didn’t seem to mind.

“I’m back.” Hannah sat down on the chair beside him.

“Really? I had started to think you had acclimated to the life of the party.” Frank said, his face still hidden in his book.

Hannah barely noticed his teasing in haste to tell him everything. “We solved the bank robbery case of course. You would be surprised to know were they hid it.”

“I have never been one for surprises, but for you I will endure it.” Frank closed the book.

Hannah explained all the excitement in detail, including how she was going to become a detective part-time. Frank may have been a little rude or sardonic at times, but her brother was a good listener.

“Wow, that's quite the adventure! Are you sure being a detective is what you want to do with your life?” He asked. “I mean, I know you look up to Joel and you two are close, but you should think about what you want to do.”

“Don’t be such as tease! You know that I’ve always wanted to be a detective.”

“I know that’s what you think now, but you are still so young and it’s a big commitment.”

“Better than being stuck behind a desk like you!” Hannah half-joked. “We were out in the field searching a mansion for clues.”

“We walk a lot at YaiYang Industries! I’m the company manager. I barely get to sit down for an hour if I’m lucky.” He fired back. Without a pause, he added, “Look, I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but you might want to get a more stable job. Trust me, you’ll understand it when you are older. And I have many connections with places you could work.”

“You act like I was born yesterday! Being a private detective can be a stable job! Just look at Joel! He doesn’t need your clout to pave his own path.” Hannah protested.

“Joel has been doing it for years and I do happen to remember the times when he was not doing too well. Plus, he still does not make much money. It’s mostly pro-bono stuff.” Frank reminded her.

“Oh, so money is all that matters to you isn’t it? Well, you should be happy to know that I plan to also work part-time at Jennifer’s Cafe.”

“Gee, we’re saved! I’ll retire tomorrow, Hannah!” He stopped, realizing his mistake when he saw her irritated expression.

“Look, that’s not what I meant.” He said earnestly this time. “But just remember, there will be a time when it’s not as fun as you thought it was and you wish the job you have made more money.”

Frank sighed. “Of course, I will always take care of you all... but by choosing a college and a job that makes more money, you will save us all a lot of trouble.”

Save them trouble? Did he forget that this is my life, not his and I might have goals that are not his? Her Mother and Frank both shared the same corporate mindset. Sometimes there was no use in trying to change it.

“I’m sorry for wasting your time. I’ll let you get back to your life advice book.” She decided to not let him ruin her mood and headed back to her room.

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