Only A Matter Of Crime Episode Six

Only A Matter Of Crime Episode Six

A Hannah Anderson Mystery

Rain droplets fell to the pavement outside her window like paint to a painting, and it was not a good one. Today was the day, the day of Joel’s funeral.

Hannah felt sick, she didn’t even want to get out of bed. She knew they would all say their condolences but they would all believe the lie, the libel that was written on the newspaper.

It had barely sunk in, but this made it feel more real. Joel was gone, dead, murdered, and to make matters worse no one even recognized the crime at hand.

She refused to believe Lester’s words. After all, what did he know about Joel? It shocked her, no, more like appalled her, that Frank and her parents believed the story.

How could he not notice how the murder of his witness Vicki Aqaino was related to his death? She had come to the station many times trying to get them to reopen the case and her attempts had no avail.

Detective Lester again refused to believe that the “so called Silver Coin” as he put it, was even involved.

He even went as far as to explain yet again how Vicki was killed by her ex-boyfriend Tom O’Reilly, whom she had recently broken up with.

Again completely false, Joel mentioned to Hannah earlier that she broke up with him in order to protect him from The Silver Coin. Yet no one believed Hannah and that infuriated her.

She dressed all in black and slowly made her way down the stairs.

Breakfast was a silent occasion, they exchanged very few words. Before she knew it they were on their way to the funeral.

Her whole family was there, even her distant cousins, many of Jeol’s friends had come along with family friends and even a couple of Frank’s coworkers showed up.

The same words were repeated again and again. “I’m so sorry for your loss.” and “You have my condolences.”

It all became a whisper to her, everything felt unreal yet too real at the same time.

Jennifer rushed over to Hannah wrapped her arms around her in a hug. “Oh, Hannah, I am so sorry, I’m so sorry,you lost your brother!” She was sobbing.

“He was such a good man, I can’t even imagine how you are feeling!” Tasha and Erin both joined in on the hug and said their condolences.

“We will be here for you, Hannah, always!” Tasha said. “Tasha is right, you have us, I know its not much and it won’t make this any better but you can always count on us, period!” Erin added and Jennifer agreed.

“Thank you guys, I don’t know what I’d do without you all.” She admitted crying.


A month had passed and Hannah could not get herself to talk to anyone. When the funeral was held although no one although no one said it, Hannah knew they all thought he died driving under influence.

She wished she could tell them about The Sliver Coin and convince them of the truth, but like Joel said, the case was dangerous, the name she had heard caused danger and death. She could only trust it with very few people.

Her phone vibrated. Probably Tasha checking in on me again. To her surprise, it was an email from Joel! How is this even possible?

The title of the email read “In Case Something Happens to Me”. There was no text, just a video.

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