Only A Matter Of Crime Episode Seven

Only A Matter Of Crime Episode Seven

A Hannah Anderson Mystery

Hannah put on her earphones and played the video.

“Hannah, If you are getting this message then I am dead, I set up this to go out if I did not text you after a certain time. First I am sorry. Sorry because I probably left you unexpectedly and couldn’t even say goodbye properly.”

“I know I am in no place to ask you for a favor but I really need your help. I need you to take on The Sliver Coin case. I can’t tell you much more about it as people may be watching, but if you find my will, that will help you if they haven’t already gotten rid of all the proof.”

An automated voice added. “This message was modified on November 15th.” It was the day he was murdered.

“Things are getting messy with one of my cases, I am going to have to skip tonight. Like I told you, a good detective never gives up. Just remember no matter what happens, I believe in you.”

“This message will auto delete its self after being played. Thank you.”

She couldn’t believe it, She was completely right! Now she had to learn more about The Sliver Coin and solve the true case of Joel Anderson’s murder.

“Everyone, you have to hear what I just got!” She told them all the message. “It means he was murdered, he knew Vicki’s death had to do with the case.”

They didn’t seem too impressed, instead they looked concerned.

“I am going to solve the case and bring back his good name.” She decided.

“Can I see the video?” Frank asked.

“Well no, it auto deleted its self.” Hannah admitted.

“Honey, there is no way we can tell what case it was, the officers said the man who killed Vicki was arrested. It was an ex of hers.” Elizabeth said.

“She’s right, my dear.” Wiliam agreed.

“If anything, it was his work that killed him, don’t investigate it, we already know what happened.” Frank said.

“I can’t leave things like this when I know the truth is being withheld, a good detective never gives up.” Hannah said.

“But you will. We found you a good law school, I want you to go there starting next week.” Eliizbeth annouced.

“It will have plenty of things to keep you interested. For starters, you will fight for justice and it will provide for you and your family in the future.” Frank added.

“You can’t be serious!” Hannah yelled.

“We are, and it is what is best for you.” Elizabeth said.

“This isn’t about how being a detective is fun, it’s about justice for Joel, for your Brother, Frank and your Son, Mom.” Hannah was shocked by their actions.

“Please dear, don’t make this harder than it needs to be.” Her father, Willam, said.

“You know what? No! I am not the one making this hard! How could you try to push a profession on me in a time like this, using his death to make a point?!” She yelled.

Using his death?! How dare you!” Her mother responded.

“I’m leaving and I am going to prove you all wrong, I will get justice whether you like it or not!”

Hannah ran up to her room. She started packing her stuff into Luggages. She took the belongs from Joel’s car as well.

“We are only looking out for you!” Frank said as he grabbed her arm.

“All you have been doing is trying to make me become the person you wished I was.” She struggled out of his grip. “You didn’t even let me grieve without making this about college.”

“You know what Frank? I’m tired, tired of pretending Joel got justice when a murderer is roaming the streets, I will not and refuse to turn my back to Joel!

“It’s not like that, it’s just that getting a job will help you get through this grieve, not chasing a murderer that doesn't even exist!” He paused, “Please, can we talk this out?” Frank pleaded.

“You really think you know everything, don’t you?” She snapped back at him. “No Frank, I am done talking, I’ve already wasted enough time not investigating this case.” She took both of her Luggages down the stairs.

“You will have nowhere to go! Hannah, you don’t have a job. Think this through!” Frank yelled.

“Hannah!“ “Hannah!” “Hannah?”

Three years later...

To be continued!

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