Only A Matter Of Crime Episode Four

Only A Matter Of Crime Episode Four

She laid in her bed thinking about all the adventures she ought to have. Catching criminals and serving justice at the ripe age of 18.

Her phone buzzed. It was an incoming call from Derek Charles, her boyfriend. She was excited to tell him the news.

“Hi Derek, I was just about to call you!” Hannah gleefully said.

“Ah, I see...” He responded coldly.

What’s with him playing hard to get? “Goodness, you sound like you might need some counseling. Did everything go well at your new work?”

“It’s not about that. It was fine. It’s about us.” He admitted.

“Wait, don’t tell me you missed me that much?!” Hannah laughed, “Well then, lets go on a da--”

Derek interrupted her. “You sure are seriously clueless for a wannabe detective.”

“What do you mean?” Hannah had a sudden sinking feeling. “Are you breaking up with me?”

“And finally someone took a hint.” Derek scoffed.

“What did I do?” Hannah’s anger swept aside her self-blame. “What is wrong with you, why are being so mean?”

“I was only nice cause it was fun, but I’ve become so bored lately.” He replied. “Don’t even think of calling me. I never really liked you, but you can at least tell yourself you were better than nothing.”

Derek hung up before she could mount a counter-argument.

Hannah cried. Why is everyone in the world against me today? Except Joel, I guess.

How could Derek betray me? She really liked him and thought he felt the same way. He had always acted sweet and kind.

She was usually great at guessing people’s true characters. It had saved her friend Erin who fell in love too often from many bad relationships.

She texted her friend group chat which included her friends Tasha, Erin and Jennifer telling them how Derek broke up with her, but the silver lining was that she had big news to share as well.

After many many insults to Derek and his poor judgment, they finally decided to meet the next day at five to find out all about Hannah’s exciting news.

Hannah knew Joel was bound to call her later, but minutes turned to hours. “He must have got caught up in the case, I’m sure he will make it up to me tomorrow.”

She hopped into bed and turn off the light. Soon, she was fast a sleep.

Ring, ring, ring!

Hannah opened bleary eyes to check the time. It was 4am.

Who could be calling her at this hour?

It was Joel.

Hannah sighed and answered the call. “Joel, it’s a little late for coffee. How about we meet tomor--“

Hannah was interrupted by unfamiliar voice.

“Do you know the owner of this phone?” A man said.

“Yes, I am his sister.” She replied slowly. “Who are you? Why do you have Joel’s phone?”

“I’m so sorry… Your brother was involved in an accident on Francis Road. The police should be here any moment now.”

“Th--thank you for calling!” She exclaimed and hung up.

Hannah ran out of her room and began yelling. “Everyone, you have to get up!”

Frank, Elizabeth, and her father, William, rushed to her.

“What’s wrong? Are you alright?” William asked.

Warm tears streamed down Hannah’s cold face.

“No, it’s the most dreadful news. Someone called me saying Joel was involved in an accident! The police should arrive there soon.” She added, choking on her tears.

They all had a look of horror on their face, but tried to keep it together for Hannah’s sake.

By the time they arrived at the scene, there were police cars surrounding the trashed car. Yellow crime tape told people to keep out. It was not looking good.

They all ran toward the tape. A female officer greeted them. “Excuse me, please keep your distance. There has been an accident.”

“We got a call that our son was involved in an accident here! That looks like his car.” William said.

The officer’s face turned pale. “I’m so sorry. The car was completely destroyed.”

“Are you saying that my son is dead?” Her father looked close to breaking into tears.

“Are you sure? Was his name Joel Anderson?” Frank asked sternly.

“Yes, I am sure. He had his ID on him. I am so sorry for your loss.” The officer responded.
Hannah was speechless, she could not believe it until she saw it. She went under the tape.

“Hannah, no!” Frank said.

“Miss, please this is a restricted scene.”

She didn’t listen to the officer. No one could change her mind.

She ran to the destroyed car. Police were taking photos of it. Through the shattered window she saw Joel laying motionless. She fell to her knees and cried, “No, Joel, you can’t be dead! You can’t!”

“Miss, please!” The officer grabbed her arm.

“You guys must be wrong. He can’t, my brother can’t be dead!”

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