Only A Matter Of Crime Episode Five

Only A Matter Of Crime Episode Five

A Hannah Anderson Mystery

“Ashley, it’s okay, I’ll watch her.” Detective Lester waved the other officer away.

“But sir-” Ashley said.

“I got this, I know her.” He reassured Ashley.

Hannah heard the other officers talking.

“Wasn’t he the detective who arrived at scene of woman who was murdered today? He was so heartbroken.”

A woman died?  She rose to her feet. “A girl he knew died?”

“Yes, a girl who was a witness in a case he was working on was murdered, but it was unrelated to his case. We already arrested her boyfriend for her murder.“ Lester told her.

“Then this has to be murder, too!” Hannah decided.

“Again the man who murdered the girl was arrested hours ago. We plan to open an investigation to the crash, but the murderer was in custody when this happened.” Lester told her. “I am sorry for your loss. He was a good man.”

“Ashley, please escort Hannah to her car.” Lester instructed.

As the officer led her away, she overheard. “Sir, we found alcohol in the car and all evidence points to him drinking before he crashed.”

“Think about it, he might have loved the girl. He worked with her for five years after all.” Another officer added. “Maybe he was drowning his sorrows with alcohol.”

What!? Drinking? “No, he would never drink! I know him. It has to be a set up!” Hannah yelled while Ashley pulled her away.

“Jin, lets discuss this later.” Lester motioned toward Hannah with his head.

“Hannah!” Frank’s voice cracked. His eyes were red and puffy from crying. “Is he-?”

Hannah shook her head and Frank wrapped her in a hug.

Frank turned to the officer, “I’m sorry ma’am, we’re all just very upset about all that has happened. We’ll leave you to the case.”

“It’s alright, I understand. You have my condolences. We will contact you regarding the case as soon as possible.” Ashley said and then returned to the scene.

Joel is dead. Murdered! Hannah shuddered. If only the officers would believe me that Joel would never drink and drive. This has to be the work of the Sliver Coin, whoever they are.


The sun was shining, but Hannah could not feel the warmth. It was like her world had ended.

She was almost relived when the call finally came but dreaded picking up the phone in fear for what she might hear.

“Hello this is Lester with New Ashens PD, I am calling regarding the accident that took place on Francis Road.”

“Hello, I am Hannah, his sister. How is the case going? I can tell you of some of his enemies if that helps--”

“The won’t be necessary as the case is closed. We have recovered his belongings, we believe that you would want.” Before Hannah could say anything he added. “We can also discuss the accident further at the station, if that is alright?” Lester said.


The Police Station waiting room well was stocked with instant coffee and pastries. An officer, who she remembered to be Ashley, greeted them.

“Can I get you some coffee?” She offered. Her eyes looked sad.Hannah was starting to realize what was going on.

“Yes, thank you.” Frank said.

The wait felt like forever but soon Lester greeted them. “We have finished our investigation and learned it was an accident caused by driving under influence of alcohol.”

“There was no foul play involved. We could salvage some of his belongs from the car and have boxed them for you, I am so sorry for your loss.” Lester said.

Elizabeth began sobbing. Willam pressed her head into his shoulder. He was trying to hold back his tears.

“This can’t be true! Joel does not drink ever!” Hannah announced. “It was murder. There is no way he would drink!” Hannah protested.

“A lot of people keep their drinking a secret from their family, and a woman he was really close to was murdered just hours before.” Ashely added.

“You don’t understand, he was killed by the---”

“Hannah, I know it is hard for us all to accept it, but this what happened, we have to accept this as our new situation.” Frank said.

“How am I supposed to accept this! How can you all believe this! These lies!” Hannah screamed.

“We are all upset he did this, honey.” Elizabeth added

“Did you even know him? He would never give up, not with a woman dead and the murder on the loose!” “He wouldn’t give up on us, on me!

Hannah just looked at them. They all believed the verdict, how could they? She felt betrayed. Was she the only one who really knew him?

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