Hearts Bond: An Elven Alliance Fan Poem


This poem is based on the Elven Alliance Book Series by Tara Grayce

Nightmares keep you awake in midnight
Scars plague you, both body and mind
Fearsome perhaps but you don't scare me
Let me tell you one thing and many more
If my words sooth your burdened heart
I'd talk all day and into the misty night
Together we can walk through brighter heights
We can talk or just enjoy each other's company
Your expressionless face is trying to say many words
I don't regret this, us, I choose to love you and only you
Your gaze has my heart racing and mind pacing
You make me feel magical things, like sweet hot chocolate
Don't let their words taint you or blame you
Rather protective than destructive, my dear Laesornysh
If you are my warrior, I will be your shield
Your home, a heart beating only for you
I want to live for you, take every breath for you
Impenetrable is the hearts-bond


I really had fun writing this poem and reading her series, if you love fantasy romance with a thriller aspect, you'll love the Elven Alliance Book Series too. Check it out here!