Book Of Love Poem

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This poem tells the story of someone having a crush, but as if it was book. As both an author and poet, this was so fun to write!

She once read this book
The story was once upon a time
The conclusion was a bit of a climb
As minutes turned to hours, with it to days
Weary eyes reaching for an indication
It all fit, but she read in to it too much
Thoughts of worthlessness filled her mind
Distressed, she flipped to the next page
Then it hit: lonesome, the newest chapter
She was between laughing and melancholy
It was when the book was left on a cliffhanger
She had an ending in mind, yet this was a series
Filled with vast pages of confusion
However, if the book knew the truth
He would probably close his pages
Write it off as another plot hole
All she wanted was to be his bookmark
Despite having not read all of his prequels
She yearned to be written into all his sequels