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Walk Alone Poem


Three years later…

“By the end of today, you are going to wish you had a car.” She recalled Rory telling her that, and he wasn’t entirely wrong. It was especially chilly for a Summer morning, and she was certain it was going... Read more

  • <em>Edit Promo Post</em> Only A Matter Of Crime Chapter One, Part Two
    <em>Edit Promo Post</em> Only A Matter Of Crime Chapter One, Part Two

    In the Only A Matter Of Crime serialized Webstory, join Hannah as she goes undercover to find the person behind the attempts on life of tech genius Travis Miguel. In this dangerous game of cat and mouse, he might not be the... Read more

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    The Hannah Anderson Mysteries is set in the city of New Ashens, where high-tech gear is discussed over coffee and superheroes like Larry Defender Of The Stars deliver pizza. Retro loving private detective Hannah finds herself... Read more

  • Poetry

    When your eyes can’t stay dry

    When at best you sigh

    When life is not on your side

    I could tell you were trying to hang on to what little hope remained

    Slowly I saw it become... Read more

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    I stare blankly at my bedroom wall

    Watching time pass by, second by second

    Everyone is acting the same

    Purely automatic, hounded percent synthetic

    Like as if we read a list of what society... Read more

  • Poetry

    Here you can read a collection of my many poems online. I am a professional copywriter of 4+ years. I have experience as a creative writing instructor and was a judge for an international poetry contest.

    My specialty... Read more

  • Why I Write and Love Clean Fiction
    Why I Write and Love Clean Fiction

    Hello people who are reading this! As some of you may already know I have gotten into poetry a lot this past year and I wanted to share some of my work. This poem is called A Worry’s Lullaby, it has a special... Read more

  • Walk Alone Poem
    Walk Alone Poem

    Hey, everyone, I am back with two new blog posts this week after taking some much needed R&R last week! So if you have not read What’s Up With Ellie yet, you can read it... Read more