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Nightmares keep you awake in midnight
Scars plague you, both body and mind
Fearsome perhaps but you don't scare me
Let me tell you one thing and many more
If my words sooth your burdened heart
I'd talk all day and... Read more

  • <em>Edit Promo Post</em> Poetry
    <em>Edit Promo Post</em> Poetry

    You look so cold standing alone

    Unaware of the world around you

    You stare into to the sky as the stars all line around you

    Sparkling like lights in various shades of pink and blue
    ... Read more

  • Today And Forever Poem
    Today And Forever Poem

    If you feel tired, I wish to be the shoulder you rest on

    If you fall, I'll be there to catch you

    When you've been working hard, I want to be the one to be proud of you

    If you carry the... Read more

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    Let’s face it, a lot of today’s bestselling books and movies tend to be dark, centered around villains (or heroes that barely count as one), and often include bad morals and messages.

    Together with other Indie clean... Read more

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    Knock, knock, it’s me there

    All alone he seemed happy in his little world

    Beauty seeping from the seams

    It reminds me of a painting drawn in whites, reds, and blues

    Like the blue waves, he is... Read more

  • Only A Matter Of Crime
    Only A Matter Of Crime

    Hannah put on her earphones and played the video.

    “Hannah, If you are getting this message then I am dead, I set up this to go out if I did not text you after a certain time. First I am sorry. Sorry because I probably... Read more

  • Only A Matter Of Crime
    Only A Matter Of Crime

    Rain droplets fell to the pavement outside her window like paint to a painting, and it was not a good one. Today was the day, the day of Joel’s funeral.

    Hannah felt sick, she didn’t even want to get out of bed. She... Read more

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    “Ashley, it’s okay, I’ll watch her.” Detective Lester waved the other officer away.

    “But sir-” Ashley said.

    “I got this, I know her.” He reassured Ashley.

    Hannah heard the other officers talking.... Read more

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    She laid in her bed thinking about all the adventures she ought to have. Catching criminals and serving justice at the ripe age of 18.

    Her phone buzzed. It was an incoming call from Derek Charles, her boyfriend. She... Read more

  • Only A Matter Of Crime
    Only A Matter Of Crime

    She had heard him talk about the Silver Coin in passing while on the phone with Vicki. Hannah gathered that they were almost considered some sort of a myth to locals, but they were very much so real. They must be... Read more