A Very Larry Christmas

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It was the night before Christmas and Larry couldn’t sleep. Not after hearing Billy Dean’s father might not be home in time, Mrs. Danford was without firewood, Matt Drake couldn’t find a traditional Christmas turkey and that the orphanage had no gifts for the children.

“No one deserves a bad Christmas” Larry rose from his bed.

In all his time as a hero, he had not faced such a challenge. Sure he saved the universe from being destroyed by the Destroyer Of The Stars a month ago, but this was Christmas. “The best holiday of the year!” as he put it.

Larry changed into his suit and put on his power-controlling watch. It was three hours until Christmas morning, which meant only one thing. He had to be fast, but lucky for Larry that was his speciality.

“First stop, Doug’s house.” Larry said to himself. Upon switching the dial on his watch to Speed mode, he was there in a flash.

Ding dong

Larry was greeted by a tired Doug. “I know it’s late, but this is urgent Superhero business.” Said Larry. “Can I borrow an axe? Mrs. Danford has no firewood and I intend to fix that.”

Doug quickly got him the axe but did not run as you should never run with sharp objects like an axe.

It was the first time he had cut firewood, but after turning on his Smart mode and watching a couple videos, he actually did it pretty well.

“One down, three to go!” Larry said after dropping off the gift at Mrs. Danford’s house.

Billy Dean’s Father, Peter had just been discharged from the Army but the Dean’s were not sure he would be able to make it home in time.

With Larry’s speed, he knew only he could get Peter home in time in for Christmas.

Larry had called every train, airline and taxi service within 100 miles but had no luck. He couldn’t even come up with a good idea on Smart mode. Where is Peter?

He hated the idea of letting Billy down but he had to start on the other two; getting a turkey and gifts for the orphanage.

New Ashen’s Alberts Grocery, Ted Freyers, and Floormart to his surprise had no turkeys at all. Not even in the back of the store.

The gift selection was even worse. All of the good toys were out of stock and Larry didn’t plan to get the kids mediocre presents.

He switched to Speed mode and ran to Fablemount. First, Ted Freyers. He thought.

Larry had never been happier to see a turkey. Two down.

The gift aisle was perfectly stocked. He got a great variety of gifts. In the corner of his eye he saw someone. Do I know this person?

It was Peter Dean! He was buying gifts for his kids. “Peter!” Larry called out. “Oh, Hi Larry!”

“I’ve been looking for you, I’ll take you home in time for Christmas!”

Now all was well in New Ashen’s and Larry himself had a merry little Christmas with his fellow Superheros in The United Heroes Force, Certified Heroes and The Alternate Divison.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little Christmas story! I did it as a part of the 5 Day Christmas Challenge hosted by Story Quest Academy! Check out their awesome Adventure Quest course with an epic book club included here!