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Together Let's Bring Back Clean Quality Fiction

Let’s face it, a lot of today’s bestselling books and movies tend to be dark, centered around villains (or heroes that barely count as one), and often include bad morals and messages.

Together with other Indie clean fiction writers, we are bringing back clean stories with heroes (not villains), good messages, wholesome storylines without taking away the suspense, romance or action.

There is something about knowing nothing explicit is gonna happen in a book that is kind of reassuring in a way. Maybe that is why I was attracted to the Clean Cozy Mystery genre.

That is something I want to give the readers of my very own Cozy Mystery Webstory, the Hannah Anderson Mysteries.

I have always loved writing, even as a kid and currently write blogs as a part of my job. In December, I was fortunate enough to be able to accomplish my dream in the form of publishing the first part of Only A Matter Of Crime.

I was inspired by retro books from the 30s like Penny Parker and Nancy Drew, I set out to make a retro yet very modern twist on the cozy mystery genre.

I set the story in the city of New Ashens, where high-tech gear is discussed over coffee and superheroes like Larry Defender Of The Stars deliver pizza. Retro loving private detective Hannah finds herself going up against the spy-ring known as The Sliver Coin in order to solve the truth behind the murder of her closest friend.

In the first book, Only A Matter Of Crime, readers join Hannah as she goes undercover to find the person behind the attempts on life of tech genius Travis Miguel, but she learns there may be more to the crime than just simple hate.

In this dangerous game of cat and mouse, he might not be the only in danger. With the help of her new charming co-worker and Travis’s only friend Garren, Hannah must prove she is a real detective by saving Travis before it’s too late!

Read all seven parts of the first chapter here!

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