What's Up With Ellie Augest 2017


Hey everyone, this week I am doing something a little special! Two blog posts! Be sure to read my blog about my Monthly Favorites if you have not read it already!

What Have I Been Up To
I have been binge watching a Sy Fy show called Continuum. It is amazing, super funny, badass and I love it. Other than that I have also watched various Star Trek shows and Dark Matter. So I have been mainly watching TV shows lately. ;P

What Made Me Start blogging
I always have been a quick thinker and as a result, have lots to say. ;) So I started blogging, and it has helped me to get out my ideas and express all of my thoughts with people who want to know about them.

What I Have Been Listening To Lately
I have been listening to quite the variety including the Beatles, The Beach Boys,  Leon Bridges, Oly Murs and various J-pop band (Including AAA, Rampage From Exile Tribe and more.) I have two jams at the moment, Justin Timberlake - Can’t Stop The Feeling and AAA - New.

My Favorite Sweet
I don’t eat many sweets other than fruit, but I’d say chocolate or a Cookie.

The Funny Thing About Blogging
Well, it is always funny when someone in real life asks what you do, and you tell them you have a blog and are like I’ll have to check it out sometime and you are just sitting there awkwardly.

My New Diet
I started a new diet this month; I could not be happier, I am feeling way more energetic and happy. I cut out nearly all grains and sugar, and am reducing how many carbs I eat every day.

My Question For You!
Since I have been changing up my topics, I would greatly appreciate if you could comment below or tweet me what blog topics you would like to see me write about more.

Also if you haven't read my other blog, you can read it here, Ellie out.