The Deepest Low Poem

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With bright eyes, I greet the day

Whose moody sky never lies

I skipped a pace, the beauty of the scenery seeped through

The warm colors of green and yellow lit my view

The trail was heavily treaded upon

In the corner of my eye I saw a figure

Yet in a flicker, he was gone

A underlying feeling of Nostalgia remained

As if I could remember something
A memory I didn't know I had

The deepest low

Before the sun, there was darkness

I remember when hid, I was scared

Not of one anyone but myself

I leaned on a tall evergreen tree

My tears watered the earth below
The sound of russling leaves took my attention

No one was to see me like this

His features were warm and friendly

It's okay he said, yes that was it, I remember

Do you feel alone even in a crowded room?

Yet feel nothing at all?

Are you scared to burden those around you?

I have been there, the deepest low

Each branch on this evergreen has to talk to one another

Some branches feel weak and sick

Yet so see the other branches complaining?

I hope like this tree you can have the branches in your life fight for you