Monthly Favorites: Games

Hello, my name is Ellie Naomi!

Hey, everyone, I am back with two new blog posts this week after taking some much needed R&R last week! So if you have not read What’s Up With Ellie yet, you can read it here.

My Monthly Favorite?
Each month I will be posting my monthly favorite movies, games, music, &, etc...) Without further ado...

My Monthly Favorite: Games
Star Trek Online
Currently Star Trek Online is my favorite game. At the moment I am playing as a captain in the Klingon Empire. One of the best things about this game is how customizable it is when you are making your character.

Being a Trekkie, it is so much fun to make my very own crew and venture through the Star Trek Universe!

The plots are great
The character maker is soo customisable
The ships are super customisable too (I made my Bird Of Prey pink because I can)

The piloting controls are reversed so up is down, and down is up
You can’t pause it (And the levels can be like an hour long.)
You can only have five characters at a time. You can get more, but you have to make an in game purchase

Star Wars Battlefront
My family got the whole bundle with all of the VLCs for Christmas last year and let me tell you I love this game! It is every thing I ever dreamed of as a kid. The gameplay is fantastic! Their multiplayer is great, and my favorite game to play in is survival.

Pros (Just some of the top of my head :P)
Great game play
Awesome emotes
You can play as classic characters
It exists (LOL, a pro in of itself ;)

You have to pay yearly/Monthly to be able to play multiplayer online (If you use PS4.)
It takes forever to load (Although this might be a good thing for gamers, cause we can get up and stretch our legs while it loads. ;)
The character maker is limited, but you can still make some cool characters with it.

Hope you guys enjoyed this week's blog posts and again if you haven't read this month's What’s Up with Ellie, you can read it here.