Let Me In Poem

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Knock, knock, it’s me there

All alone he seemed happy in his little world

Beauty seeping from the seams

It reminds me of a painting drawn in whites, reds, and blues

Like the blue waves, he is chill

Like a green forest, he always seems natural, truly himself

I try to talk but it’s no use

Words seem to leave me around him

He looks my way, but I step aside

Hidden out of his view

Heart racing like a NASCAR

Mustering up the courage to speak

I soon realized I needed to map out a plan

Step by step without room to fail

I set out to prevail; it was no time to bail

I sigh, letting out a puff of air

I step out from his blind spot

Yet soon run back

How long are you going to hide?

He chuckled, I bit my lip in embarrassment

You sure are in your own cube, he said

Can you let me in on your thoughts?