Introducing The TWT Poetry Club + Updates


If follow my Twitter account @skstanner you will know I have been writing poetry like crazy and I found a lot of my mutual friends also write poetry so I have decided to make a Twitter Poetry Club.

It is called #TWTPoetryClub and it is going to be monthly club on the 1st of every month. Each month members of the club make poems with the special theme!

Who can join the club? Anyone can! Just use the hashtag #TWTPoetryClub and participate monthly on the 1st of each month and bam you are in!

The first club will take place on the first of July! So let me know if you wanna join so I can @ your account. :)

The Rules

If you break these rules, you will be blocked.

  • All poems must be PG and suitable for young audiences. That means no graphic or adult content is allowed.

  • No putting down other people's poems or any sort of bullying/harassment is allowed.

  • Most importantly have fun!

Blog update

I will be posting poems as often as I can on my blog, It could be one one  week, none the next, and three next week. ;) But in all seriousness I will try to update my blog consistently with new poems! I will also post music/ tv show reviews, occasionally a What’s Up With Ellie or whatever I feel like posting. :)

Thanks for reading my blog post stay up to date with me by following @IAmEllieNaomi or my stan account @Skstanner!