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I have big news! I am now doing freelance poetry! I will be writing custom poems to fit all of your poetic need! Read my poems here!

I can take your idea and turn it into a well-written free hand, ode and ballad poem.

What I don’t write about? Anything NSFW (explicit), political, religious or horror themed.

My specialty is conveying emotions and different moods in poetry. Happy, sad, thoughtful, romantic, deep, uplifting. You name it, I can write it.

As a fiction author myself, I am skilled in writing poems made specifically for books. This could be a promotional piece about your book, or a poem set in the world of your book like in the Lord Of The Rings series.

I can incorporate elements like the seasons, a personal story, colors, or specific words. I can also make poems based on your favorite songs (given that they are safe for work).

I can also professionally recite (with super high-quality audio) your poems in English for an additional charge.

I am a professional copywriter of 4+ years. I have experience as a creative writing instructor and was a judge for an international poetry contest.

Get your custom poem made by me for only $10 on my Fiverr!