April Month Review And Goals

April Month Review And Goals

What's Up With Ellie?

This month has been a busy one for me but in a good way, having had just finished doing a 20 Day Raw Veggie Diet/Detox (my March goal), I had a vast improvement with my health and was given the freedom to do things that my health was hindering.

In fact, it was almost crazy how much it improved my both my physical and mental health. I would highly recommend the diet. I would go far as to say this was one of the best months I’ve had in more than a year. It was epic y’all!

This month was also very rewarding as the Writing Academy I work for (Story Quest Academy) published a course I helped a lot with called Mystery Quest. As someone who has a passion for writing, it is just so cool to be a part of this project.

I took place in judging an International Poetry contest as many of you know and even signed a contract for one of my own to be published. Which was a lifelong goal of mine!

I am also set to be publishing a short story ebook for the Hannah Anderson Mysteries called Frank Anderson’s Worst Day Ever in mid-may. I will be giving it away for FREE to those who sign up for my newsletter!

Speaking of the Hannah Anderson Mysteries, I have also been working on chapter two, three, four and five PLUS even more is coming soon! So Look forward to that.

Another big goal of mine has been making an album and I am happy to say I am actually working on writing songs for one. I don’t have a release date for that project yet.

In April, I revamped Kpop Wonderland, and we expanded our community. I was happy to meet so many good people this month on my Discord server.

My goal for of this month was to be more Outspoken and Assertive. I would say this goal was a success (although it’s a ongoing progess). I feel like I am improving in that aspect. It’s not an easy challenge but it has been making my life even better to do so.

I have a two goals for May, these are both health related as that is just such an important aspect of life. My first one is to take all my nutritional supplements daily and the second one is to do yoga regularly.