Amusement Heart Poem

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Listen well, for I have a tale to unfold
It starts with you and ends with me
When I smile only for you, I know you see
When my heart swells for you, I know you're aware
When my eyes only look for you, I know you can tell
You always lead me on a path that my heart love to follow
Bracing myself, I go up and down in this emotional roller coaster
Always giving me cotton candy sweet lies
Must I tell you I am no amusement heart?
But lately you carelessly bungee jump me in the heart
Only to pretend we both don't know
You give me expections just to make me lose hope like those carnival games
But your teddy bear smile traps me on this merry-go-round you sent me on

You surely must know the suspense is sickening me so
Tell me you love me
Tell me you long for me
Tell me we're meant to be
Tell me I'll see you in your dreams

Or tell me to leave