A Custom Poem About Friendship

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I was just me, nothing more or less

Each choice felt like a game of chess

I kept falling down, I had no clue

Stress was all I knew until I met you

It was quick and I was dizzy from the bliss

Thanks to you, I have someone to long and miss

You lit my mono sky to a brilliant blue

Gave my life saturation and hue

Used to be plagued with this empty feeling

With you, my true self is revealing

Without words, your kindness mended my heart

You added watercolor to my life, like art

Lent me your strength when I felt weak

Taught me its okay to be unique


Review for this poem...

"It was a pleasure to work with you- you were courteous and prepared for every step of the process. As for the time, I quite frankly wasn’t expecting it to be done as quickly as it was. It definitely fit the theme. I must say, the rhyme was majestic. I loved the art metaphors." ~ GMGT


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